We Added A “New” Old Fairbanks Cart To The Captain Joe’s Family

At the dock there are a couple of key pieces of equipment.  The winch, the forktruck, the scales and the carts.  Any one of these go down and we’re in serious trouble.  We rely on them to work day in and day out.  In the worst of all conditions.

You know how the fishing industry is the second most dangerous profession in the world behind coal mining?  Well it might be the second most dangerous profession but handling saltwater fish is absolutely the deadliest profession for machinery.  Salt, and saltwater, fish grease and massive tonnage being handled daily create the perfect storm of corrosiveness and opportunity for mechanical failure.

That’s why whenever I have an opportunity to secure a Fairbanks Cart to help perform our job at the dock I leap.  This morning at 5:00 AM I drove a couple of hours to get my hands on the newest member of the Captain Joe and Sons Lobster Company Family.  One of the best parts about the Fairbanks carts are the plug in caster systems.  If after years you need new casters, you contact the company and they can ship you out new ones.

The decks are absolute beastly and handle incredibly poundings without skipping a beat.  I routinely lower 400Lbs of lobster crates on them when offloading the boats and then add another stack of 400.  No problem.

Here’s the new one.  I put a couple of coats of linseed oil on the oak decking and greased up the greased fittings and she’s ready for servicing our lobster fleet!

Our “Old” Fairbanks cart that’s helped offload millions of pounds of lobsters through the decades and our newly acquired Fairbanks Cart with the pretty green paint.

Isn’t she pretty?

from the website:

For more than 125 years, the Fairbanks Company has been shipping quality material handling equipment from our manufacturing facilities in Rome, GA. Our facilities encompass more than 200,000 square feet of production and warehousing space. To maintain our leadership role in the industry, we have modernized our facilities with the latest in robotic welding, electrostatic powder coating and CNC machining of wood parts.

These techniques have resulted in the expansion of our product offerings, making us a premier supplier of casters, wheel, handtrucks, platform trucks and dollies.


We’re Featured In “On the Waterfront: Episode 2” From Shep Means and Cape Ann TV #GloucesterMA

On the Waterfront: Episode 2: Featuring Tony Gross, Cruiseport, and Captain Joe and Sons with host Shep Means.

Erich Archer Writes-

Hello friends of Cape Ann TV,

The second episode of Cape Ann TV’s new original series On the Waterfront is here! 

On the Waterfront is a water-to-table concept with each episode highlighting a different form of sea life. We fish it, process it, cook it, and eat it. All along the way we meet the people of Cape Ann making their living On the Waterfront. 

On this episode we feature one of the most celebrated and economically important species on Cape Ann – the lobster! 

Join our host Shephard Means as he pulls traps with Captain Tony Gross, offloads at Capt. Joe and Sons, and prepares a delicious lobster bake with Vinwood Catering aboard the Beauport Princess at Cruiseport. All along the way we learn just how important the lobster is to this community as one of the few sustainable fishing industries left on Cape Ann. 

We hope to surpass the success of the first episode featuring clams (seen here: http://ow.ly/GXtTG), so if you enjoy episode two please share it with friends!