Something I Haven’t Seen Since 1989 At The Dock- A New Shipment of Wooden (read Not Wire) Lobster Traps @CaptJoeLobster #GloucesterMA

I’d say once a month someone calls the dock looking for an old used wood lobster trap they can put a piece of glass on and turn into a decorative coffee table.  The answer for as long as I can remember has been “The fishermen haven’t used wooden traps forever.”

Now with this load of wooden lobster traps it’s the first one I‘ve seen in a whole long time.

Bringing it back “Old School” at Captain Joe and Sons Lobster


We’re Featured In “On the Waterfront: Episode 2” From Shep Means and Cape Ann TV #GloucesterMA

On the Waterfront: Episode 2: Featuring Tony Gross, Cruiseport, and Captain Joe and Sons with host Shep Means.

Erich Archer Writes-

Hello friends of Cape Ann TV,

The second episode of Cape Ann TV’s new original series On the Waterfront is here! 

On the Waterfront is a water-to-table concept with each episode highlighting a different form of sea life. We fish it, process it, cook it, and eat it. All along the way we meet the people of Cape Ann making their living On the Waterfront. 

On this episode we feature one of the most celebrated and economically important species on Cape Ann – the lobster! 

Join our host Shephard Means as he pulls traps with Captain Tony Gross, offloads at Capt. Joe and Sons, and prepares a delicious lobster bake with Vinwood Catering aboard the Beauport Princess at Cruiseport. All along the way we learn just how important the lobster is to this community as one of the few sustainable fishing industries left on Cape Ann. 

We hope to surpass the success of the first episode featuring clams (seen here:, so if you enjoy episode two please share it with friends!


We Released The Rare Yellow Lobster We Had At The Dock This Morning After It Had Released Its Eggs While In Our Tank.

About a month ago we released the blue one and the quadruple clawed one for the very same reason.  A good lesson for the kids to learn about sustainability in the lobster industry.  Hated to see that rare lobster leave the dock but at least my girls got to witness it.

Click for video-



Change and Conflict in the Gloucester Fishing Industry Featuring Wicked Tuna’s Dave Marciano, Lady Jane Skipper Russell Sherman

Molly Ferrill came down the dock last May. She also did a time lapse video from our dock which you can see below and went out lobstering for a day with Tommy Burns, the same Tommy Burns who took out Ben Grenon. You can see those videos below her latest.

Molly fared a whole lot better than Ben did aboard Tommy’s boat as you will see comparing the two videos.

Sunset From The Dock 2/17/12

After reporting to duty down here since I was 9 years old and after school and summers in High School and every day since graduating from Bentley I sometimes take the view for granted.  But then every once in a while when it’s slow I stop for a second and get bowled over by how lucky I am to have this view from our dock.