Lobster- It’s What Your Father Wants On Father’s Day & We’re Here To Help

Let us just make it easy for you.

There is nothing as easy as putting in an order for lobsters for your Father for Father’s day. Swinging by the dock morning of, picking them up and delivering them to your dad.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Why try to out think it?


Give us a call at (978) 283-1454 and order your dad the easiest most no-brainer gift ever and watch him smile when you deliver them.

I can tell you personally that lobsters as a gift have a huge impact which people do not forget.  There isn’t anything where you make as much impact for as little money as lobster.

Bottom line.

We will be open Father’s Day, best to call ahead and put in your order and we will put exactly what you want aside for your morning pick-up.