Fresh From Our Docks

Fresh From Our Docks

Why should you buy from Captain Joe & Sons?

WE ARE CHEAP… because we buy directly from the boats, you get a price that cuts out the middleman.

WE ARE CHEAP… we keep our prices low, we’d rather work on volume. We sell to dozens of restaurants. We know that those “eat in the ruff” places may order 400 or 500 lobsters a week whereas the high end $30 a plate restaurant may order 20 or 30 lobsters.

We’d rather sell more by selling for less. Our prices are cheap, cheap cheap. You won’t find cheaper prices anywhere for fresh, LIVE, New England lobsters.

WE ARE FRESH… we buy directly from the boats and our inventory is rotated every day so you know you’re getting only the freshest product possible.

Everything in our tanks is less than 24 hours old! How’s that for FRESH?

WE KNOW SEAFOOD… we have over 150 years of combined experience in seafoods which we put to use to provide you with the freshest, cheapest seafood anywhere.

Captain Joe & Sons has also participated in the HACCP Seafood Inspection program which assures you the highest quality product available.

Other Pictures from Captain Joe & Sons

A few of our lobsters are over 20lbs … bigger than the size of this baby (Captain Joe’s great granddaughter, Amanda).

11 Replies to “Fresh From Our Docks”

  1. Okay, so the best lobster I’ve had all year (and I eat a lot of lobster in Rockport and Gloucester) came from Captain Joe’s last Sunday. I’m ordering up a bunch for friends for a Lobstah Thanksgiving on the Rocks and I will never buy lobster ANYWHERE ELSE!

    Molly from Rockport
    Nov 21, 2011

  2. My son goes to college in RI “Johnson & Wales”. I made 2 trips so far to see him. I use to buy lobsters from a restaurant in Saugus 10 years ago. I’m looking to hook up with some lobster on my next trips to see him. Maybe the end of Feb and in May. What kind of prices are you selling chicks 1 -1 1/4 ?

  3. I want to go to your place to buy some lobsters on next Saturday morning (09/01). What time do you start selling lobsters? Are the lobsters fished on the same day?

      1. Great.
        Are there any other fresh seafood I can buy there?
        I will drive more than 1 hour to be there, and I want different kinds of seafood.

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