Gloucester Times Tuesday March 2, 1948 Our Grandfather Captain Joe Ciaramitaro and his crew are featured as one of two fishing draggers making big records.

Ron Gilson provided this copy

The largest gross stock and gross a st share made by a Gloucester fishing boat for several ycars, was that made yesterday by the local auxiliary fishing dragger Benjamin C., Capt. Joseph Ciaramitaro, 33 ycars, y Washington square, yesterday. The drag-ger arrived al Boston Fish Pier and sold her trip of 198,500 pounds of groundfish for $17,300. Each of the 12-man crew are reported to have re-reived a gross share of $733.

Another newsworthy note in the local fisheries, is that the Gloucester dragger. Pantrades Androssa’

“Capt. Walter Beatteay, lairaed here this morning, the largest fare of redfish ever landed anywhere, hailing for 250,000 pounds redfish and 20,000 pounds’ of other groundfish. The trip was sold to Gorton-Pew Fisheries Co. Ltd., and the craft should stock in the vicinity of $i2,000.

On the stellar trip, the Benjamin C., was gone only nine days on a voyage to Emerald bank, and got a trip including 155.000 pounds haddock, 20.000 pounds scrod, 6000 pounds cod, and 11,500 pounds mixed fish,

Capt. Ciaramilaro and his crew have done exceplionally well fishine out of this port through the winter months.

Like all other craft fishing In the North Atlantic this winter. she has encountered the hardest kind of weather, including frequent gales and storms, coupled with severe cold. It has been a rugged life even for men who are accustomed to hardship.

The Benjamill C., however, in the four trIps she has made since the first of this year, has landed a total of 802,500 pounds fresh ish including 560,000 pounds redlish and 242.500 pounds groundfish.

That’s a areatstart for the first two months of tho усвт.

My Buddy Mike Dekoster Picked Up A Blue Lobster That Dave Jewell Caught and Donated To Maritime Gloucester. Also Pics Of Maddie Jewell Then and Now With Blue Lobsters Caught 8 Years Apart

Good Morning Gloucester

Dave Brought This One In A Couple Of Days Ago-

Dave Jewell Lands Blue Lobster At Captain Joe and Sons Lobster Co Gloucester MA

Zach Jewell’s Blue Lobster Tattoo Next To the Blue Lobster

Michael Dekoster Picks Up Blue Lobster For Maritime Gloucester’s Aquarium

Dave caught another blue lobster eight years ago on October 11, 2013 here’s that post from way back then-


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Dave caught another blue lobster eight years ago on October 11, 2013-



Maddie Jewell displays the lobster her daddy caught October 11, 2013.

And here’s a picture of Maddie Jewell with the blue lobster her dad caught 8 years later on August 3, 2021-

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The Press Covering The Blue Lobster That Our Lobsterman Toby Burnham Caught and Released With Links To Each Story.

Rare blue lobster found in Gloucester

Eyewitness news 3

Mass. lobsterman catches rare blue lobster

Channel 7 News Boston-

Mass. fisherman catches extremely rare blue lobster


NBC Boston-

Rare Blue Lobster Discovered in Gloucester

The odds of finding a blue lobster are about 1 in 200 million, according to a study at the University of Maine

By Jake Levin 

WCVB Boston-

Lobsterman in Gloucester catches extremely rare blue lobster

Account and Crew List of Our Grandfather’s Boat The Ben and Josephine Which Was Sunk By A German Sub June 3, 1942

Ben and Josephine

American Motor fishing vessel

NameBen and Josephine
Type:Motor fishing vessel
Tonnage102 tons
Completed1941 – Thomaston ME 
Date of attack3 Jun 1942Nationality:      American
FateSunk by U-432 (Heinz-Otto Schultze)
Position43° 07’N, 66° 51’W – Grid BA 9976
Complement8 (0 dead and 8 survivors).
RouteGloucester MA – Sea Island NS 
Notes on eventAt 21.00 hours on 3 June 1942, two unarmed fishing vessels, the Aeolus and Ben and Josephine (Master Guiseppe Ciaramitaro), were stopped by U-432 while they were engaged in fishing (distance between the vessels was 4 miles) about 170 miles east by south of Thatchers Island. Schultze allowed the crews to leave their ships safely, before they were shelled and sunk.At 21.00 hours, the Ben and Josephine was shelled with 45 shells, caught fire and sank after 30 minutes, then U-432 shelled and sank the Aeolus. The crew of two officers and six men made their way back in dories with the six survivors of the other fishing vessel and landed at Mount Desert Coast Guard Light Station 36 hours after the attack.
Ben and Josephine
American motor fishing vessel

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American motor fishing vessel Ben and Josephine.

Aboard Ben and Josephine when hit on 3 Jun 1942
You can click on any of the names for possible additional information

Served on

Ciaramitaro, Guiseppe, Merchant Marine
Ben and Josephine

Frontiero, Peter, Merchant Marine
Ben and Josephine

Frontiero, Sam, Merchant Marine
Ben and Josephine

Frontiero, Tony, Merchant Marine
Ben and Josephine

Mahoney, William, Merchant Marine
Ben and Josephine

Montagnino, Dominic, Merchant Marine
Ben and Josephine

Orlando, Sam, Merchant Marine
Ben and Josephine

Sheaves, James A., Merchant Marine
Ben and Josephine